Gary WoodwardGary was born in Manchester England in November 1965, after living the first nine years of his life in a small town called Timperly in Altrincham. In 1976 his family moved from England to Vancouver Island where they lived till 1989.

Gary moved to Victoria to work in the night club industry down in Victoria, which is when he bought his first Canon camera. An old EOS700 that he bought from a friend's pawn shop for about $80. After shooting things like his old 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser and his cat, he moved on to people. As luck would have it, Gary was lucky enough to spend the first 2 to 3 years getting to hang out and help five professional photographers (Including his friend Simon) and learn the dos and don'ts of the photography world. Slowly over time coming up with his own style.

After a few years of shooting with the Canon cameras and constantly being bugged by his friend (Simon) that Nikon is better, Gary decided to stay with the Canon set up and look into a better camera for his self. So after finding an upgrade that was within his financial reach, Gary with help from his girlfriend (Nicole) bought a Canon Ellan II. Because at this point Gary was starting to upgrade his Canon lens too. Which Gary was very happy with for years.

After deciding that photography was something that he loved to do and was good at, got into photographing the marine wildlife that lived in the waters off of the south end of Vancouver Island and once again thought that it was time to upgrade his camera to a faster better Canon camera, so after leaving his bank bought a Canon EOS 1V and the Canon 600mm F4 lens. Kind of thought that since you can't get to close to the marine wildlife (He would bring them to him).

So after some changes in his live, Gary is now back to shooting people again as well as the marine wildlife (whenever he gets the chance to get back out on the water) so after specializing from people to children to people to marine wildlife to people again (Did you keep up on that one) is back to photographing people and kids again (which he loves)

Gary still shoots with the Canon EOS system, his main camera body is his Canon EOS 1D Mk III with his three lenses, the Canon 28 to 80mm F2.8 to F4. The Canon 70 to 200mm 2.8 and the Canon 600mm F4. Plus two Canon 580ex II Speedlites and two Yongnuo YN560 Speedlites. Plus two portable soft boxes with diffusers plus multiple reflectors and other diffusers. Tripods of choice are the Manfrotto 055 with the Manfrotto 222 pistol grip head and for the 600mm lens and camera combo he uses the Manfrotto 075 with the 268 Super Ball Head. Gary also has the Manfrotto 479-4 Compact Monopod. His camera bag of choice is the Lowepro Street and Field system.

Over the last 22 years Gary has photographed Horses, Cats, Dogs, Deer, bears to birds, Children, Babies, Cars and Trucks, Planes, Trains, Adults male and female, Semi to full nudes, Weddings, Parties, Studio to out in the field product shots of advertisement, Male and female modeling shots, Band live and promo/CD cover shots, Flowers, Scenery, Real estate and property development, Marine wildlife. And has worked with local police departments shooting projects for them.

Gary is open minded and is willing to learn new things all the time, and is willing to work with and teach his knowledge to others.

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